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Sarah, TX

Sarah, TX

Unless you live in a bubble, you have probably thought negatively about your body. Maybe you even tried to change it. Diets, exercise, shakes, pills- you name it, a lot is out there! As a culture, we are obsessed.

I was obsessed too. Coming from the background of a kid who always felt awkward in their skin, I decided to go on the extreme diet. I remember my friends telling me I should eat more, and I just thought they were crazy: I’m not like them- I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted because I didn’t have long legs and food just stuck to me.

This all lead me to an even more obsessed place. Soon my habits started changing drastically. I would exercise to the point of exhaustion. I was consumed by tracking the food I ate, so I just didn’t eat. I hated my body. Once I did start losing weight, I didn’t notice how I looked; I was too tired. I was a malnourished 16 year old girl. The light had gone out in my eyes.

Fast forward 6 years later. I am no longer in a spiral of restricting food or unrealistic mindsets. It took awhile to get in a good place, but I did and you can too! Has it been easy? Heck no! I took an active interest in my health. Learning about my body and the value of nutrition helps me understand why I feel the way I do and how to embrace or change it. Podcasts and books have been great resources. Most importantly, I stopped comparing myself to other people, and started comparing me to me. You were put here as you for a reason; stop comparing yourself to others. You really are beautiful just the way you are. Best of luck in your journey forward. - Sarah, TX

YOUR MESSAGE- "You really are beautiful just the way you are"

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