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How We Give Back

Since we launched November 8th, 2018 we’ve given over 3,000 links to various nonprofits, organizations, benefits, and individuals directly as a reminder that we’re not alone. Our goal is to link with as many people as possible to spread our mission while giving back.

We’ve been honored to be a part of numerous benefits. We’ve donated to various charities, nonprofits, and individuals in need. We love linking with different causes to spread our mission while giving back. If you're interested in fundraising, please visit our "start a chain reaction" page here.

By sharing our stories, we’re giving others the gift of hope. We believe there is no greater gift than sharing a story that unlocks someone else’s insights or helps them feel less alone. We all grow stronger when we link with others. Whether you’re inspiring a friend or empowering a stranger, we need one another to get through life’s hard moments. Share your story here.