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Laurie, PA

Laurie, PA

Six years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I was in 3 different clinical trials, but the cancer continued to spread to other parts of my body.  

When I was in the hospital after having two tumors removed from my lung, was when the fear of dying became overwhelming. I was helping to plan my daughter's wedding while wondering if I would even be around to see the day of which I had always dreamed. While lying in the hospital bed, I cried out to God because I couldn't handle the fear any longer. I had an overwhelming peace come over me. I wish I could describe it better, but it was so soul settling.

In the months to follow, I had an inoperable tumor form in my pelvis. Inoperable??? I told the Lord that this was too big for me to handle, and I set that news right in his hands. I let my doctors handle my medical treatments and my savior handle my fears. I started a new set of treatments worry free; I had found peace with my diagnosis.When I walked out of the hospital each time, I tried to forget that my cancer even existed, and I lived my life to the fullest of my ability!

My cancer spread once more into the lymph nodes near my heart, but the peace in my soul remained.

After two and a half years of this new treatment, the tumors disappeared, and I am currently cancer free!

I know not everyone gets this good news, but finding that peace in my soul, even when things looked bad was what I clung to. To steal words from my cousin, who lost his cancer battle...."More time with my savior, or more time with my family, either way, I'm a winner” - Laurie, PA

YOUR MESSAGE- "Find peace in your soul"

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