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Kendra's Journey: Conquering Fertility Challenges

Kendra's Journey: Conquering Fertility Challenges

 I’ve been through a lot in life, including a divorce. For some reason, sharing my divorce was not as difficult to open up about. My miscarriages, at the time, were a different story. Mentioning a miscarriage isn’t really something we do, is it? We don’t say, “I’m Kendra from Illinois, I’m in finance, love animals, and have had five miscarriages.”

We really only see the “success” stories. For every, “we’re pregnant!” social media post, there are untold numbers of women and men who never shared their struggles with fertility or lost pregnancies.  

I was on a roller coaster of treatments with no reason why.  I thought there was something wrong with me and I didn’t understand why my body was failing me. I hated my body after one miscarriage, let alone 5. After all, my two sisters both had children.

After hitting rock bottom, I decided to join a support group before I let my miscarriages ruin my second marriage. It took some time to open up, but when I did, I felt so much better. I suddenly felt like others ‘got me’. Connecting with others who have struggled with infertility felt so comforting.

After 2 years, and still unable to get pregnant, I decided to adopt my baby boy. I would still like to expand my family, however, I keep hitting obstacles. I remind myself every day to be grateful for what I have, and I now talk openly about my struggles in hopes to help others. You’re not alone in this. -Kendra, IL

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