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We all grow stronger when we link with others. Whether you’re inspiring a friend or empowering a stranger, we need one another to get through life’s hard moments. We want you to share positive advice or words of encouragement to pass along to someone struggling with a similar issue. Your story is someone else’s inspiration. If you would like to share your story publicly, please tag us on Instagram @linkbeforeyousink for a chance to be featured.

Our categories do not define. They are created to help link similar struggles; we embrace everyone’s unique story. With each piece purchased, an anonymous story is included based on the selected category.
If you’re in the midst of your struggle and are having trouble finding a positive outcome, that's ok! Share something positive you hope to have going forward.

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Our team members are not licensed professionals. If you are struggling with mental health, please seek a mental health provider. Seeking connection and social support is helpful in addition to professional help.