Here at Link Before you Sink, we donate a percentage of every sale to to one of our partner nonprofits. The best part is, you get to choose who it is! We’ve spent hours vetting our favorite nonprofits, and we’re excited to pass on some of the love to them. Our current partners include The Cleveland Clinic, Love is Louder, and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. You can learn more about each one below! Have a nonprofit you want us to know about? Shoot us a message here!



Nationwide Children’s Hospital

One in five children is living with a mental illness and 50 percent of all lifetime mental illness starts by age 14, yet there is still stigma around this national health crisis. On Our Sleeves was launched by Nationwide Children’s Hospital to build a community of support for children living with mental illness through advocacy, education and fundraising for much-needed research. The On Our Sleeves movement takes a classic saying (We don’t wear our heart on our sleeves) and brings new life to its application. The illustrative graphics are placed on the arms or sleeves of children and teens to symbolize thoughts and feelings associated with mental health. The message encourages everyone to engage with this topic because we ultimately don’t know what may be going on in someone’s life. The goal is to eliminate the stigma around mental illness in children and young adults.

Love is Louder

Love is Louder is a community of people working together to create a world where we all feel more connected and supported. In 2010, Love is Louder started with The Jed Foundation to amplify a simple message – love and support are louder than any voice that tries to bring us down. The movement started at a time when there was a lot of anger and confusion online after a series of tragedies involving bullying. Eight years later, hundreds of thousands of you have grown the movement around the world. Love is Louder has relaunched as a community to turn their message into action. Individuals and communities are wanted all over the globe to commit to taking actions that make us all feel more connected and supported. Donations are used to help Love is Louder by adding new programs so they can reach more people, campuses and communities to amplify the Love is Louder message. To read more about Love is Louder, click here.

The Cleveland CLinic

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