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Love is Louder is a community of people working together to create a world where we all feel more connected and supported. In 2010, Love is Louder started with The Jed Foundation to amplify a simple message – love and support are louder than any voice that tries to bring us down. The movement started at a time when there was a lot of anger and confusion online after a series of tragedies involving bullying. Eight years later, hundreds of thousands of you have grown the movement around the world. Love is Louder has relaunched as a community to turn their message into action. Individuals and communities are wanted all over the globe to commit to taking actions that make us all feel more connected and supported.

For every link purchased, 20% of the proceeds will be donated to Love is Louder. Donations will be used to help Love is Louder by adding new programs so they can reach more people, campuses and communities to amplify the Love is Louder message. To read more about Love is Louder, click here