In the Spring of 2014, I experienced loss on so many levels. Within three weeks, I lost my father after his long battle with cancer; I lost a friend and mentor that had a tremendous impact on my childhood, someone I’d consider a second mother; and I was forced to end an engagement with my ex-fiancé after moving to Florida from Ohio to be with him.

I didn’t understand and continued to ask myself, “Why me?!” I was lost and alone, and I knew that one thing I had to do was move back to Ohio where I had a strong support system. I quit my job and packed up my car for the 18-hour trek home. I knew where I was driving, but I honestly didn’t know where I was headed. I felt completely defeated; I wanted to isolate myself from the world and everything in it.

It took me a while to get back on my feet and find happiness within myself again, but I did. I found my strength in all of the loss I experienced, and more importantly, “linking” with others. I “linked” up with those who have experienced loss; I “linked” up with friends and family who gave me their support; and I “linked” up with my faith. I quickly realized that one of the most basic human needs is connection.

I came across a broken, old bike chain and that's when the symbolism of "links" and connection while being broken hit me; everything broken has the chance to be beautiful again. Link Before You Sink was born. Our mission is to find strength in your struggle through connection. The power of linking with someone may unknowingly give strength to someone in need.

Positive Outcome of My Struggle: I gained clarity and stability being in close proximity of my true support system; I found a new respect for life; and, most importantly, I gained the greatest guardian angel who has been my main strength in this journey. Sometimes when you think you're on a path headed to nowhere, you end up exactly where you were meant to be.

 Linked with Love,

Founder, Link Before You Sink



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Our mission is to help you find strength in your struggle by sharing your story and linking with others in need.


WE DO NOT JUDGE OR COMPARE; WE SHARE. Story sharing is encouraged to inspire and link with others who have gone through similar struggles.

OUR CATEGORIES LINK, THEY DO NOT DEFINE. Our categories are created to help link similar stories; we embrace everyone’s unique story. Don’t see a category that relates to your story? Email as we’re constantly adding to our list!

WE WANT YOU TO SHARE WHEN YOU'RE READY. Do it when you feel the time is right.